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El Quetzal Guatemala
El Quetzal Guatemala

El Quetzal Guatemala

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Our Guatemala Organic coffee is cooperatively grown by roughly 365 small family farmers spread throughout the forests of the Sierra Las Minas and Monte Cristo mountain ranges. The small farms, averaging 2 acres each, form the Association of Integral Sustainable Development of Quezaltepeque, established in 1996. Since then the coop has expanded its membership and infrastructure, instituting development programs for education, sustainable agriculture, and gender equality.

Natural shade canopy trees protect the smaller coffee plants while also supporting soil health and providing a home to migratory birds. Sourcing water from a natural mountain spring, the farms naturally compost following organic practices. Selective planting and pruning is practiced for the health of the coffee plants and best cup qualities. 

Cupping Notes: Balanced, aromatic, medium acidity, notes of honey and brown sugar.

Producer: ADISQUE Co-op
Region: Chiquimula Department
Variety: Caturra, Catui, AnaCafe-14, Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 4,600 - 5,400 ft (1400 - 1650m)