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Our El Salvador coffee is single sourced from Finca El Porvenir, a Salvadoran farm with family ties to Black Dog Coffee Roasters. Finca El Porvenir emphasizes social and environmental awareness throughout their all-natural production processes. The bourbon coffee beans collected in the farm undergo a thorough process of natural drying. 
Finca El Porvenir is located at 3051 ft above sea level in the Department of Santa Ana, which belongs to the Apaneca - ILamatepec UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The coffee forest of Finca El Porvenir serves as a small ecosystem providing oxygen, water, and habitat for wild flora and fauna.
Finca El Porvenir employs an all-natural drying process, which conserves water and consists of slow drying the coffee cherries by sunlight until reaching the optimum point for roasting. The green beans are carefully sorted to select only premium beans for roasting.

Cupping notes:    Pineapple , Chocolate, Honey

Producer: Finca El Porvenir
Region: Santa Ana, El Salvador
Variety: Bourbon, Caruturra
3051 ft