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Our shade grown Peru Organic Finca La Esperanza is sourced from a small 2.5 acre section of a family farm in Soritor village in San Martin.  Producers Walter Gutierrez and his family moved east to Soritor from Cajamarca looking to improve their quality of life, and purchased the 29 acre Finca La Esperanza . The family initially began planting coffee and corn, overtime turning to cocoa and later even constructing a small fish pond.   They achieved a higher standard of living producing high quality coffee and all their own food from the same farm.   Mindful of future generations and the need to sustain a productive and healthy ecosystem, the Gutierrez’s planted even more trees both for shade as well as the farm’s overall benefit.  


Cupping Notes: Sweet aroma. Notes of bakers cocoa, sweet tangerine, peach and a dry almond finish. Very good acidity and mouthfeel. 



Producer Walter Gutierrez
Region San Martin 
Area  2.5 Acres 
Variety, Typica Caturra, Catimor 
 Processing Washed & Sun Dried 
Altitude 3,900 ft (995m)